jogos dezembro Android natal 720x405
jogos dezembro Android natal 720x405

Christmas is at the door and the PlayStore is ready for the season. There are always several game developers who enjoy festive times to dress up their games and today, we bring to you 5 games with Christmas updates.

1. Modern Strike Online: Bullet FPS Shooting Games

Now Christmas rhymes with … War and terrorism ?! the combination seems strange, but the Modern Strike Online has entered the Christmas spirit.

The game has six modes of combat and still offers the possibility for the player to create their own battlefield with their own rules to play with friends. It also has 11 maps available and 30 different types of weapons.

Homepage: Game development ltd 
Price: Free

2. Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles is one of the classic world games for smartphones. It’s a perfect match between music and agility, where the player has to play on the black tiles in order to play a melody … Does it sound easy? In addition to the speed that the game requires there are still white tiles to avoid.

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And because it’s Christmas, 20 new songs have been added to the app.

Homepage: AMANOTES 
Price: Free

3. Legacy Of Discord

LoD was another of the titles that received Christmas update. Besides being able to transform your player into a snowman and gain reindeer for combat, there will still exist throughout the game several Christmas decorations to celebrate the season.

Homepage: GTarcade 
Price: Free


And what do Zombies have to do with Christmas? … DEAD WARFARE: Zombie is an FPS game where the goal is to survive a world populated by Zombies, with a wide variety of weapons to exterminate them.

Now, at Christmas time, some new features have been added just for this season. But the latest update still brought an improved translation of 13 languages, correction of critical game errors and still some unnecessary permissions can already be disabled.

Price: Free

5. Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow

Futurama fans certainly already know the game, where they can create their own city of New York and interact with all the characters of the animated sitcom. Now … Christmas also comes to New York and with it comes the Santa Claus Robot who has the plan to terrorize Christmas. In the game, either they can help Santa Claus on his mission, or they can find a solution to avoid chaos.

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Homepage: TinyCo 
Price: Free

What game are you currently playing on your Android?

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  1. The one I love playing zombie game and it the only game I love which is going to keep me busy during this month of December,thanks for sharing.

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