The weekend arrives and as usual on TL, we provide a list in which you can find several Android games
. These can be obtained for a limited time without having to pay anything and, therefore, are an excellent option to have fun with your phone or tablet.

All the developments we have chosen offer a fairly high quality and, therefore, generally all the Android games that you will see in the list have a price and are not free. But, for a limited time, this changes and we think it’s a good idea to download all those that catch your attention. Because if you do this you can enjoy them for life with your Google account. Evidently, that they are housed in the Play Store provides security and reliability (and, of course, simplicity).

The ten free Android games of this week

Next, we leave the links of each and every one of the selected Android games

 as well as a brief explanation of what they offer and their theme:

Arkanoid Defense HD

A review of one of the best known classic games. More refined options but with the same way to destroy the blocks in each level. Fun and simple, a good set.

  • Arkanoid Defense HD
  • Developer: ZET
  • Price: Free

Small Drones – City Flight

Drone races you have to try to win against your rivals. The maps mark the difficulty, as well as the options that your little friend has, which can be constantly improved.

My Town: Beach Picnic

A curious simulator in which you have to get the greatest happiness of the whole family when going to the beach. An Android game that over time is discovered addictive and offers many possibilities.

Paper Duels

Different games that usually need a paper to enjoy them and that have been taken to Android terminals. An example can be the three in a row.

Tap knife VIP

You must destroy everything you see on the screen, starting with the initial rock. A simple Android game to use and that allows spending good times at specific moments as it is casual.

  • Tap knife VIP
  • Developer: RETRO BOX
  • Price: Free

Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors – Premium

You could not miss a tower defense game in which you have to think a bit about where to put the elements that will defend your kingdom. Good graphics and a large number of levels. Funny.

  • Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors – Premium
  • Developer: Zonmob Game Studio
  • Price: Free

Everybody’s RPG

An open role game in which you have to defeat the enemies you find in a fantasy world, which is chaotic, and where the evolution of the characters and the use of objects are key in this Android game.

  • Everybody’s RPG
  • Developer: NomadGames
  • Price: Free


A known card game that has its Android version and is not wrong in what has to do with Artificial Intelligence. Simple and occupies little, which is to be grateful.

Monster Land

An Android game in which you have to get the monster with the best ability when it comes to destroying different corners of the map. A different way of seeing evolution as the main theme and, sure enough, it’s sure to be liked by more than one.

  • Monster Land
  • Developer: LMSY
  • Price: Free

Warriors’ Market Mayhem VIP

In the kingdom in which this one has woken up a dragon by carelessness, and it has to be finished with him before he does it with all the inhabitants of the kingdom. An interesting Android game, with touches of role and adventure that, true, is very good.

  • Warriors’ Market Mayhem VIP
  • Developer: Cat Lab
  • Price: Free

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