Android One; Everything You Need To Know About The Google Project

Android One is an Android project in collaboration with smartphone manufacturers meant to bring the stock Android experience and frequent updates to various devices, with improved security patches for the next 2 years, starting from the year the phone is released. This is not to be the mistaken for Android Go as it is an entirely different project. Although both the Android One and Android Go are from Google. Let’s take a look at what the Android One is all about.

Android One Guarantees that it is a solid and stable version of the Android operating system and that it has not been tampered with by any phone manufacturer. It comes with only the full Google Apps suite, which means there are no bloatware on it. With Android One, you get a clean and pure Android OS straight from Google without any modifications whatsoever; just the way Google intended.

Normally, when a new version of the Android OS is released. Smartphone manufacturers take the OS and work on it by applying their theme and modifying it; adding some apps and in some cases removing some of the Google apps google pre-loaded on the Android OS. Some even go as far as removing all of Google Apps(ahem, Xiaomi).

However, this is understandable as every Android phone will look somewhat the same without those modifications. The is probably the sole reason why smartphone manufacturers modify the Android OS before loading it unto their smart phones; to be different from other phones also running the Android OS.

Most people who have used or have been using an Android device might not even know what Android really looks like. Probably because they’ve been using phones with a modified version of the Android OS like Samsung (TouchWiz, Samsung Experience), Xiaomi (MiUI), LG (UX), Oppo (ColorOS), Vivo (FunTouch), Zenfone (ZenUI), OnePlus (OxygenOS) etc. Each sporting a different look from the Stock/Pure Android.

However, with Android One you get so many perks that you don’t necessarily get with other Modified/Customized OS on most phones. Lets dissect those perks shall we ?

Google Support

With Android One, you get 2 years worth of updates and security patches straight from google. Yes, you heard me right, 2 whole years. While other phone makers tend to drop their devices support after a year, technically pushing out only one update (i.e From Android 6.0 to 7.0). Google on the other hand give you 2 years worth of updates. Given that a new Android OS comes out every year, you’ll get a major upgrade twice; one each year.

For example, you if get an Android One device running Android 5.0 device out of the box, you’ll definitely get to update twice; To Android 6.0 and later Android 7.0 along with monthly security patches in between. You don’t need your phone manufacturer to issue updates to your device, google does that.

Full Google Suite (Google Apps)

On Android One, You get access to the full google apps and services which runs on the Google Framework/Google Play Services on your phone. The full google apps include Google Search, Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Chrome, YouTube, Google+, Google Drive etc. Google Play Protect is also available to make sure that the apps you Download from the Google Play and other unknown sources are safe and secure. Asides these Google apps, no other apps are found on an Android One Smartphone (Except on some rare occasion where the phone manufacturer add their camera app).

Optimised OS Integrated With Google Assistant

Google assistant was created to assist you with some basic task on your Android Phone. However, after the modification done by some phone makers, the list of things the google assistant can help you do gets reduces as there might be some restrictions. Whereas with Android One, you get a full fledge assistant that can help with almost anything you want on your device.

For example, you can can ask your google assistant to send message to a contact. Google assistant would have to launch the message app in order to carry out your instruction. Now, on Android One that would be a smooth experience. However, on other Modified Android OS that isn’t always the case. Some even go as far as replacing the stock message app with theirs and probably severing the connection between Google assistant and the Message app.

On Android One, Google assistant interacts fluently with other apps on your device; giving your the very best when it comes to assisting you.

Summary Of Android One At A Glance

  • 2 years of Android Updates with monthly security patches.
  • Built-in Google Play Protect Security.
  • Pure Android Experience.
  • No Added Apps Or Bloatware. No Skin or UI.
  • Optimised OS Integrated with Google Assistant.
  • Excellent Battery Life Management.
  • Decent Ram Usage.

Some Android One Smart Phones


Android One is a pretty nice project from google and it is mostly targeted at most low-end and mid-range phones. It provides an overall excellent Android experience for those looking to try out Android for the very first time. What do you think of the Google Project; Android One ? Have you used and Android One smart phone or do you plan on using one soon ? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment down below.

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