OnePlus 6T Android Pie 1
OnePlus 6T Android Pie 1

Firstly, the Oneplus 6T smartphone was officially unveiled on October 29, so last week. However, we have already seen this Android device undergo resistance testing and even an operation that gave it a transparent back.

However, we would also see several allusions to a mysterious scheme of color, the Thunder Purple that now has just been made official. However, this new variant will only be available in its home market, China.

Secondly, the new variant of the OnePlus 6T is in all equal to the other variants in black. More specifically the schemes in Midnight Black and Mirror Black, lackluster and glossy, respectively.

In this sense, we continue to have here the  Snapdragon 845 processor from Qualcomm as well as a battery of 3700mAh. We also have the fingerprint reader embedded in its large screen with a full shaped notch of water. All this without forgetting the 8GB of RAM as well as the 128GB of internal storage.

Thunder Purple, the new color of the OnePlus 6T smartphone

Sure is that this new variant for the Android smartphone adds some color to this somewhat monotonous device. Yes, I recall that the consumer has only two shades of black to choose from, the only difference being the brightness of the device itself. However, unfortunately, this  Thunder Purple or violet lightning is not available in Europe. For now, only consumers in China will be able to order this device that will arrive with  HydrogenOS and not with OxygenOS.

In practice here we have a gradient between violet and black. A little color for this new Android smartphone. Moreover, in China, the device costs 3,599 yuan, therefore about 520 dollars or about 460 euros.

Hopefully, now the new color for this Android smartphone will reach other markets worldwide. However, its price should match that of the black versions, therefore EUR 579 or EUR 639 depending on the version.

The OnePlus 6T begins today to be sold at the official Chinese manufacturer’s store – here.

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