With an Android phone or tablet, it is possible to download Torrents from the internet exactly as you do on a PC, using one of the clients prepared for this purpose. You will also find a list with the best apps to download torrent files on your Android phone. There are many Torrent clients on the Play Store, but these are the best you can use to download files.

The Torrent download is definitely something that you’ve done more than once with your computer, but you know you can also do it from your phone or tablet? In this article, we recommend the 7 best apps to download torrents on Android and thus get the files you need.

The best apps to download torrents on Android

Maybe you knew the names µTorrent or BitTorrent after using these programs to download torrents on your computer. With Android, the popularity of these tools remains, although there are other important applications that can be very useful as a download center for this type of file.

1. uTorrent

No doubt, the most popular Torrent client for Android is µTorrent, an app that you can master without problems if you have used the PC version. More than 100 million downloads in the Play Store guarantee the operation of µTorrent, which has a very clear design that will make it easier for you to download the files directly to your phone or tablet.

With no download speeds or file size limits, this Torrent client has everything you can look for in this type of application: good design, operation, and speed when downloading torrents. In addition, you can use its WiFi-only mode to save data and choose the folder where the downloaded files will be stored, among many other options.

2. BitTorrent

Also created by BitTorrent, this application shares much of the functionality and design of µTorrent: fast downloads, with no speed or size limit, WiFi mode, and dark theme. After the last changes made to BitTorrent, its interface has been improved and it is now possible to select files within a torrent to minimize the use of the space used on the device.

In BitTorrent, you can add both downloaded torrent files and those with magnetic links. In short, it is a very complete tool that will be useful if you want to download high-speed torrents without size limits.

3. Flud – Torrent Downloader

Flud remains one of the best apps for downloading torrents on Android. With a design based on simplicity, this application also offers the possibility to download or share files directly on your mobile phone or tablet, with no download or upload limits.

With support for magnetic links, Flud lets you prioritize downloading those files you need most urgently. Like the other options, this app also has a dark theme and a battery saver mode to activate downloads when the device is connected to a WiFi network. On the other hand, using it from a tablet is as convenient as using it from the phone, since Flud has an interface optimized precisely for this type of device.

4. TorrDroid – Torrent Downloader

One of the most complete Torrent clients for Android is TorrDroid, which has accumulated over 10 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4 on the Play Store. In addition to being able to download torrents to your mobile phone or tablet, TorrDroid is also a search engine that allows you to quickly and easily access this type of file.

Enter a search term and the application will show you the results found. So, you only need to click on the chosen file to start the download in the same app. In addition to this function, TorrDroid can also open those files downloaded on other pages or that come from magnetic links.

5. tTorrent Lite

In this list, we can not overlook tTorrent Lite, one of the most popular options for downloading high-speed torrents. Among the features of this app, we find the choice of files within a torrent that has several, the

ability to create and share torrent files or the WiFi mode, so that the files are downloaded only when you are connected to this type of network.

6. WeTorrent – Torrent Downloader

Defined by its managers as the fastest Torrent client for Android, WeTorrent is an application with a beautiful and clean design with which you can download torrents without speed limits. Of course, you can download multiple files simultaneously on your Android phone or tablet and open both the files you have downloaded and those that come from magnetic links.

By enabling WiFi mode, you can enable downloads only when connecting to a WiFi network. Also, in WeTorrent you can stop the downloads and resume them whenever you want. Finally, from the application itself, it is possible to open, view, and delete downloaded files.

7. MediaGet – торрент клиент

We end with MediaGet, a free app to download torrents on Android that stands out for the integrated search for files on the Web. Enter your search terms and MediaGet will show you the results it found online. Then you can select the torrent file you were looking for and download it directly in the app.

From the main MediaGet screen, you can manage all your downloads, stopping and resuming them when necessary. With over 10 million downloads and an excellent average rating of 4.7, MediaGet is arguably one of the best Torrent clients you can use on Android.

How to download torrent files on Android

To download a torrent file on Android is very simple, on the apps listed above just press on the name of the file you want to download, and the client is opened and after confirming the download starts. Via browser, it varies according to the portal you choose: on The Pirate Bay, for example, it is better to launch the download by pressing the magnet icon. On the black Corsaro website, on the other hand, press the green arrow on the same line of the file and then in the upper left corner press on “Magnet” (the equivalent of “magnet”).

The best apps to download torrents on Android

There are many Torrent clients in the Play Store, but not all of them have the appropriate functionality or design to make you have a good experience. After analyzing the available options, we selected the best apps to download torrents on Android.

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