Apple wants to optimize the upcoming iPhone and the upcoming iPad Face ID apparently, and the camera on the back.

The lineup for 2018 is complete, time to deal with the products for 2019. Here is a new message from the well-known analyst and insider Mind-Chi Kuo. He claims that Apple wants to optimize the technology for Face ID on the next iPhone:

We believe that Apple wants to raise the output of the floodlight VCSEL to reduce the impact of the floodlights on the environment. The higher power VCSEL with higher ASP needs increased requirements of design and production, increased materials for array design, and longer testing times. Therefore, the VCSEL supply chain can add higher value.

Quasi Face ID 2. Comes after two generations with Face ID 1 but not really surprising, it is the normal process in such a development. Touch ID was also followed by version 2, which was much faster.

Apple iPad Pro soon with ToF camera

But what is new: Apple would probably like the upcoming iPad Pro, which will come in late 2019 or even early 2020, a ToF camera (Time of Flight) obstruct. The stand was sometimes the third camera for the iPhone in conversation, but there it will then be introduced only with the iPhone 2020.

In short, the camera back gets the same options as the camera in front and you will be able to record 3D objects among other things and then edit with the Apple Pencil. This option should be even more pro-users to work with the iPad.

The triple camera for the iPhone 2019 should be out of the race for the first time and I’m curious about Face ID 2 if you can make the Notch smaller at the same time. That too would be a typical move by Apple.

I could have imagined the ToF camera but also good on the iPhone. The subject of AR is still slow to pick up speed, but I think that it could also have optimized the portrait images. But it is still early, in the coming months, more rumors will follow.


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