Apple, a new iPhone makes its appearance on Geekbench (with iOS 12)


For some time on the internet has emerged the rumor that wants Apple ready to launch its latest iPhone models later this year: according to rumors, new products are expected to arrive in September.

The "leaks" have tried to reveal several details about these models of the iPhone 2018 and their specifications, but the Cupertino house has not yet reached anything official. However, in the last hours, one of these models has appeared on the well-known Geekbench benchmark portal. The comparative list shows some details of the supposed iPhone model, such as the presence of iOS 12, 4 GB of RAM and probably one of the latest processors.

According to the list of Geekbench, identified for the first time by Consomac, one of the models of the iPhone 2018 will come with specifications slightly improved compared to the iPhone X. The variant in question was listed under the company's internal device code 'iPhone 11,2' and comes with a D321AP motherboard. The list shows that the iPhone was tested last week.

The details state that the phone is powered by an ARM processor that has features similar to the A11 Bionic chip that we saw in the iPhone 2017 models. The chip is supplied with six cores and a base frequency of 2.49 GHz, a slight change from 2.39 GHz of the iPhone X. However, it is unclear at this time which iPhone refers to the "iPhone 11.2" model.

As mentioned, Apple should launch in all three variants: it is a 6.1-inch economic model with an LCD display that will replace the iPhone 8, the successor of the iPhone X with an OLED display, and finally the most performing, or the variant of the iPhone X Plus with 6.5-inch OLED display. The list suggests that this specific model of the iPhone will be equipped with 4 GB of RAM, 1 GB more than the previous year's model.

The alleged iPhone model achieved 4.673 points in single-core and a score of 10.912 in multi-core. Both single-core and multi-core results show similar performance to the iPhone X, but it's still early to make a final budget.

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