Apple and Intel sued Softbank's "antitrust" company

Apple and Intel simultaneously filed an antitrust petition with FortBank's investment firm Fortress, which it accused the company of having reserved patents to "monetize" large technology companies.

The suit follows the case of Intel filed against Fortress last month. Then, Intel withdrew the old lawsuit and just filed a new lawsuit with a district court in Northern California (USA), along with Apple as a plaintiff. 

According to the lawsuit filed, Apple said a group of companies had partnered with Fortress to pursue at least 25 lawsuits against Apple with a total claim of up to $ 2.6 to 5.1 billion. This includes allegations that Apple violated the patent of the pedometer in mobile devices and wearable devices that incorporate its health monitoring app (iPhone and Apple Watch). 

Two companies allied with Fortress, Uniloc USA and Uniloc Luxembourg, said they were entitled to a compensation of between $ 1.41 and $ 2.75 for each Apple product sold, with a total loss of 275-732. million dollars. Obviously the purpose of the lawsuit is simply to target money, both Uniloc USA and Uniloc Luxembourg probably learned the way Apple "makes money" from the lawsuit against Samsung infringing on Apple patents.

Intel and Apple declined to comment on the case, while the spokesman of the defendant company Fortress told Reuters that firm confidence in the operation of business and legal position of them in case the justifiable.

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