Although the past quarter was again a good quarter for Apple, so you will still make a change.

Surprisingly, in a conversation with the investors, they announced that they will no longer name any sales figures. In the future, we’ll have to rely on industry experts for sales of iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Apple: Numbers are no longer important

According to Apple, that’s because pure numbers are less important today than they used to be. Thanks to the strong increase in prices, you earn more per iPhone, so the number of units moves into the background.

So Apple actually made it. The iPhone did not grow in Q4 2018 (it sold 200,000 units more than in Q4 2017) and before looking at the first “iPhone sales go back” headings, which I’d have expected in 2019, you just turn the tables.

From now on, you will only learn how much Apple earns with the iPhone, but not how many units you sold. Interestingly, it was also announced in the same breath that it is assumed that the Christmas business will be weaker in 2018. Despite a strong lineup.

This is partly due to the dollar, but also to developing countries.

A clever move by Tim Cook

Of course, this does not only affect the iPhone, but also the iPads and Macs. In other categories, Apple has been driving this strategy for some time, for example, we have never received Apple Watch or AirPod numbers.

Hats off, Apple. With the soaring prices for the products, I’m not even expecting a decline in profits. But I expected in the next few months with the first decline in sales of the iPhone. These messages go out of the way.

Does one say after the Christmas business certainly continue to speak of a record on the iPhone, even if the pure numbers go back.

They will still be, but they will not be official numbers.

Apple now wants us to focus not on the pure numbers, but on the profit. As a listed company sure the right decision. As a tech blogger but also a pity, because I always found it very interesting to see how many units you sold.

What then becomes exciting: At some point, the sales and profits have reached a natural limit in the iPhone and Co. I think that will take some time and will not happen in 2019 or 2020, but Apple will probably not be able to avoid that in the future.


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