Apple Card: Apple’s first credit card and all you need to know

The US company Apple, during the event “Start the show” presented a large number of hardware innovations. Remember the new AirPods 2 with wireless charging support, the iPad Mini 5 or the new iPad Air. The latest news is the first Apple credit card, the Apple Card.

Apple Card: all the features of the new Apple credit card

First of all, it is good to say that the use of the Apple Card will be destined mainly to the iPhone. In short, we are in front of a real credit card that will have a virtual payment system. The Apple Card will be able to exploit the potential of Apple Wallet and the iOS operating system. In fact, thanks to the iOS Wallet application, it will be easy to check all credit card transactions and transactions. But how will the Apple Card be activated? Simply from Apple devices.

Among the features of the Apple Card, there is a loyalty system which is called Daily Cash, in a nutshell, a sort of cashback service. Thanks to this feature the user can receive, without any problem, some daily reimbursements based on the expenditure made. The reimbursement will go from 1% up to 3% depending on the method of purchase that will be made. Apple has been careful to provide users with a clear and safe product, in fact, it will be possible, with the help of the app Map, to control all information about the transitions. The account statement can be viewed directly online so that it can be checked at any time, like a real virtual account.

Apple Card: Apple's first credit card and all you need to know 1

Apple Card: the secure credit card but with no monthly/annual cost

The Apple reassures all users. No monthly or annual fees will be required to use the Apple Card and can be used safely anywhere in the world. We know how Apple is sensitive to privacy and security. Even in this case, with the Apple Card, users are not at risk, the data will not be transferred for any reason. The payment methods will in fact only work through the use of the Face ID or Touch ID, this will depend exclusively on the iPhone model used. In any case, it is good to specify that there will be the possibility to request a physical card. It will not be the classic credit card on which all user information will be present but only the name of the cardholder with the Apple logo will be present. All this information about the Apple Card goes to confirm how Apple takes the privacy and security of user data.

Apple Card: when will the new credit card be available?

The Apple Card credit card will be available, apparently, starting this summer in the United States. At the moment there is no further information concerning possibly other markets and therefore a possible availability also in Europe.

The information on the new Apple Card credit card ends here, but in the meantime continue to follow us as usual, to stay up to date on the latest news regarding the world of technology and mobile telephony.

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