Apple Faces New Lawsuit Over iMac and MacBook

Apple is a great company and one that takes so much precautions. However, the company is facing fresh lawsuit over something that looks like an oversight on the part of the company.

The company released both iMac and MacBook without putting dust filters inside these to ward off dirt. In this way, the machines were having display issues, slowing performance and probably something else – lawsuit.

Watchdogs Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, a law firm is said to be behind this lawsuit. This firm is also said to be a foe of Apple. In fact, this firm has done one time lawsuit against Apple before.

When the firm did that in the past, it won a $450 million e-books pricing case against Apple. The law firm has since then levied other cases against Apple. Some of these include those that alleged on suffocating iPhones.

Hagens Berman lawsuit against Apple this time claims that both iMac and MacBook sold from 2013 onward lack the much needed dust filters and this oversight leads to both display issues and performance problems. However, it has been revealed that devices really take in air to cool them but dust gets trapped inside leading to the formation of dark spots on the display.

Owners of both gadgets have reported dark smudges and spots on the interior of the screens of their desktop computers as well as excessive slowness and breakdowns. Apart from the computer running slow, it also overheats.

Hagens Berman claims that Apple has refused to remedy the defect but instead Apple forces customers to pay for repairs. The amount of money paid could be up to $500 to fix screen problems. Customers could pay more if they wanted to replace parts significant to the computer’s speed and performance.

This lawsuit will force Apple to pay all affected customers if the company loses to Hagens Berman. In a statement, the law firm said that they believe that Apple owes it to the purchasers of these premium high-end computers. The firm has resolved to ensure that Apple customers who have any of these problems be compensated. Hagens Berman is fighting for plaintiffs Kim Ahern, Nikolas Frenzel, and Justin Evans.

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