Apple on its site shared reviews of the new MacBook Air (2018) before the launch.

In her press release, Apple highlighted reviews from some media sites that could spend more time with this new device yesterday afternoon. Apple shared media reviews like CNBCWIREDDaring FireballPC MagSix ColorsTom’s Guide, and more. 

Daring Fireball, for instance, called MacBook Air Macbook, which should “buy as many people as possible”. Daily Express wrote that “fans of this laptop will love their new update as it moves the concept of power and ultimate portability to a whole new level.” Gear Patrol wrote that MacBook Air is a “perfect computer” for anyone who wants to do “normal things” like browsing the web, replying to emails, and watching movies. Refinery 29 lifted 12 hours of battery life.

Tom’s Guide wrote that the Mac mini is the best choice for those who want a compact Mac desktop computer to stream media or immerse in the computing world. ZDNet has written that the new version of the device is “built for all types of users and not just for a specific market”.

As with the Mac mini, Six Colors wrote that the new update will enable the computer to meet a wide range of needs, from basic server operations to “high-end applications requiring high processor performance.”

As with previous product reviews like iPad Pro, Apple has only highlighted the positive elements of each review. For anyone who is thinking about buying one of these devices, you should read more detailed reviews to get an overall picture of the positives and negatives of the device you are interested in. For example, MacRumors is one of the servers that offer a detailed review of Mac mini and MacBook Air.

The sale of new MacBook Air and Mac mini models is officially launched today. The first pre-orders of new devices are coming to their users today. In New Zealand and Australia, some users already have their new devices in their hands.


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