Apple iPad Mini 4 1
Apple iPad Mini 4 1

A possible Apple iPad Mini 5 has long been expected. The model we have in the market now has almost 3 years and little information on its successor. However, everything is about to change if the information of this well-known analyst is correct.

Although it is not rumors or leakage of information, it has been rare that the market analyst Macotakara was wrong about some product of the Cupertino company.

According to his theory, the Apple iPad Mini 5 is expected to be released in early 2019 to replace the predecessor that is still for sale for € 449 in the only 128GB version.

Apple iPad Mini 5 is expected to arrive with another 10 “model

However, this information does not arrive in more detail together. That is, it is very likely that the Apple iPad Mini 5 will bring the new design of the iPad Pro by removing the edges and offer a Retina display.

It is believed that the Apple iPad Mini 5 will not arrive alone. Additional information states that the small tablet will arrive with the “normal” iPad with 10 “inches. At this point, the iPad is 9.7 “inches. However, as I mentioned, if Apple really pulls out the margins and the “home” button will give room for more.

Finally, it is believed that both tablets come with the Face ID identical to the iPad Pro. That is, you can have the iPad at any angle that you will have no problem unlocking your device.

In short, this is what we already know. It’s not much but it’s something. Please note that analyst information is seen by market analysis and not internal information. So that pinch of salt never hurt anyone.

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