Apple iPhone: 5G probably only from 2020


2019 will be the year in which the 5G trend will start . Especially in the US and especially thanks to the new processor and modem from Qualcomm.

But 2019 will be a lot of marketing, really nationwide, you will not be able to use 5G. Especially not in Germany, here next year even the frequencies will be auctioned off.

But while some manufacturers certainly make advertising for 5G, Apple will probably fall on the topic until 2020. The reason is simple: You no longer rely on Qualcomm, but more on Intel.

Intel is not as fast as Qualcomm

Intel, however, is not so fast in the development of modems and will bring only in 2020 a corresponding 5G modem on the market. This means that only the iPhone 2020 should come with such.

At a time when Qualcomm will probably bring the second generation of the 5G modem on the market. Too bad that the dispute between Apple and Qualcomm, in the end, becomes a disadvantage for the user. The modems from Intel are currently synonymous slightly worse than the Qualcomm.

Apple rather unhappy with Intel

Although I have to say honestly: It's nice to be prepared for the future in 2019, but before 2020, 5G will not play a major role in some countries anyway.

Incidentally, Apple wants to use the Intel 8161 modem but has not yet made a decision. Intel could become the only modem supplier. At the moment, one seems to be a bit unhappy with Intel, but that's not (yet) enough to talk to Qualcomm again.

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