Apple iPhone 7 Latest Specs Review, Features & Price

The latest rumours surround the much expected Apple iPhone 7 indicates that the iPhone has protruded cameras. Apple had always stuck with a design with a flattened camera which aligns itself with the back casing.

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Its a huge surprise to many that Apple has decided to go camel on its phones with the introduction of cameras with humps. Yes, Cameras with humps! Apart from the Apple iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Pro which is speculated to sport a dual camera setup also packs a bumpy camera design.

Apple iPhone 7 US Cana India Price Specifications

It is not possible to tell just how thick the hump is from the leaked photo, but one thing is for sure – it’s a lot bigger than current iPhones have. The photo seems to have the back casing lined up with a protective case, so we’re maybe looking at a millimeter, not too bumpy to be grumpy.

Another photo of the iPhone 7 casing shot from a different angle – the bottom – was also revealed and there are several interesting things to grab from the shot.

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First, the 3.5mm headphone plug is missing from its usual place at the bottom. This doesn’t outrightly indicate that Apple is shelving the legendary 3.5mm headphone plug from its iPhones, there are rumors though that say Apple is removing the 3.5mm headphone socket. In this case, it could be that the plug has been moved to the top (there’s no photo of that), maybe the Lightning port is the new destination for wired headphones. The other photo of iPhone 7’s camera hump came with assurance that the 3.5mm jack is still on board (but there was no photo evidence to back that up).

Also, there are two speaker grills. It could be that one of them is decorative which is unlikely, but maybe, just maybe, Apple finally decided to make the jump to stereo speakers.

And then there are the antenna lines, a thick plastic line that pass through the top and the bottom and it seems Apple has retained that one.

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Before now, several specifications of the Apple iPhone 7 have been revealed and here’s a review of the expected specifications and features.

iPhone 7 Processor

First up is the probable introduction of the A10 system-on-a-chip, the next generation of Apple’s custom-built processors. While it’s not clear what improvements will be in store, we’ll likely see power efficiency savings, increased performance, and a boost to graphical processing.

It’s also widely rumoured that Intel is courting Apple to supply the modems for the iPhone 7. Until now, Qualcomm has been the lead supplier for modems in Apple’s mobile devices, but Intel is said to have a 1,000-strong team of employees on the case. However, it’s worth noting that Qualcomm isn’t being entirely shut out; apparently, it will still make a significant share of the modems.

iPhone 7 RAM

As far as other specs go, we’re not quite sure. The most recent round of iPhones featured 2GB of RAM, so we’d expect the same with the Apple iPhone 7. After all, Apple has historically been very cautious when it comes to arbitrary hardware upgrades.

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Recent rumours have suggested that Apple will finally abandon the 16GB variant with the iPhone 7. Apple is expected to produce iPhone 7 with memory variants beginning from a minimum of 32GB.There are some suggestions that the iPhone 7 might get a 256GB on-board storage variant.

Apple iPhone 7 Battery Life

Apple iPhone 7 is expected to retain the 1,715 mAh lithium ion battery sported by the iPhone 6s, which Apple said offered 14 hours of talk time, 11 hours of video playback, and 10 days of standby time.

As the Apple iPhone 7 isn’t expected to differ hugely from the iPhone 6S, a similar battery capacity setup doesn’t sound outrageous but highly probable.

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