Batteries of phones can’t last forever but when a user needs to change his or her own phone batteries every now and then it gets very tiring. Now, Apple has in a latest report revealed telling information about its customers with a throwaway line about batteries.

Apple’s latest cut back on its fourth quarter market outlook delivered late Wednesday took everyone by surprise. Shares of the company fell as much as nine percent.

Tim Cook, the man on the helms, discussed challenges in China and the broader emerging market space at length and he also addressed a number of other struggles facing the company in the near future.

Out of his words, one thing struck out for customers and that is battery replacements.

Cook wrote, “while macroeconomic challenges in some markets were a key contributor to this trend, we believe there are other factors broadly impacting our iPhone performance include consumers adapting to a world with fewer carrier subsidies, US dollar strength-related price increases, and some customers taking advantage of significantly reduced pricing for iPhone battery replacements.”

Probably, customers were disappointed by the last sentence. Even if not a great many of them, surely some had concerns about those words.

Recall that sometime last year, Apple offered its customers a new battery for a iPhone purchased in 2016 or earlier, for just $29. A newspaper House encouraged customers to quickly go for it and extend the life of their current device. To get that battery was quite tedious as some had to wait weeks before they got theirs.

The fact that people were rushing to get the battery meant that they still were in love with the company’s products and wanted to stay in the loop.

Could battery replacements be the main reason why Apple customers were really not so much interested in buying new phones? Maybe. Sure enough, the disappointment for investors should be that the battery promotion seems to portray a clear change in the behavior of consumers buying iPhones.

They are no longer interested about the latest iPhone design or getting the highest resolution screen or camera that they can get. They latest inventions in iPhones are not enough to guarantee to get new phones as carrier subsidies went a way not expected.

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