Apple iTunes is No Longer Available: Launches Apple Music, Apple TV & Apple Podcasts

At WWDC 2019, Apple has officially announced that the very popular digital platform iTunes will be shut down. And the company has split the iTunes app into three separate apps - Apple TV, Apple Music & Apple Podcasts. These three dedicated apps will be introduced with the new version of MacOS 10.15 Catalina.

Apple's iTunes platform of online music streaming, films, podcasts etc has been finally been killed after 18 years of its superb service. The company is now more focused on providing service to its users and this has lead to the launch of three dedicated lightweight apps for a particular service. It is better than using a bloated app with lots of features and services which is not loved by every user. The multiple service app takes away the battery and performance of the device whereas an app providing a particular service is light on both battery and performance.

The navigation section of the Apple Music, TV and Podcasts has been designed to easily navigate with a beautiful interface like colourfull sidebars. Unlike the navigation menu of iTunes app that was a bit difficult to follow.

Coming to the features of three dedicated apps, Apple Music is for the users who are interested in music streaming and the users will also get personalized recommendations. The Apple Podcasts app will provide better podcast listening experience. And the Apple TV will offer 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos. You will be also allowed to subscribe to third-party service like HBO, Starz from the Apple TV app. The pricing of these subscriptions has not been declared yet.

iTunes was launched in 2002 and it offered three major services including music streaming, podcast listening and streaming movies on a singular platform. Now seeing that the users are more interested in an app of a particular service they like instead of an app with a number of services.

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