Health is a very delicate matter, since people do not always take care of their bodies as they should. Sedentary habits and poor diet can lead to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure. This dysfunction can cause death in the blink of an eye.

However, in partnership with Stanford Medicine, Apple recently released an application that, in addition to measuring and identifying irregularities in heart rate, serves as the primary data collection for an extensive study in the medical field.

It is known that atrial fibrillation is the primary cause of stroke, which kills about 130,000 people and hospitalizes another 750,000 a year since it does not show any apparent symptoms, which makes difficult an early diagnosis.

However, the Apple Heart Study application is able to calculate the heart rate if using the green LED of the Apple Watch along with its photodiodes. With these mechanisms the app can detect the amount of blood that is flowing in the user’s wrist, and added to Apple’s powerful algorithm, the system can isolate the heartbeats from other noises, which makes it possible to detect irregular beats.

Participants in the program of these two major institutions will receive a notification on their Apple Watch and iPhones, which will grant a free consultation with a physician who is part of that study and also an electrocardiogram to aid in monitoring.

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The Apple Heart Study is available in the United States and serves people of 22 years of age or older who own the Apple Watch Series 1 or a later model. Did you like the initiative of the Cupertino giant? Be sure to comment and check out how Apple plans to introduce the cheapest iPad in 2Q 2018.


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