Apple Launches New "iPadOS": Supports USB Drives, New Home Screen etc

Apple announced the new iPadOS for its tablets at the event of WWDC 2019. iPadOS is a version of iOS especially made for Apple's iPads. The other major announcements of WWDC 2019 includes iOS13, the new Apple Maps, and Mac Pro.

Apple has basically the tweaked the iOS to build a new iPadOS for its tablets. iPad OS designed especially for iPad devices will provide freedom and flexibility to the company to tweak the OS to develop features according to needs of especially the iPad users. It just the same as the Apple TV runs on tvOS, Apple Watch has watchOS and the Mac computers have MacOS.

iPadOS Features

During the event of WWDC 2019, Apple announced all the new features specially made for the iPadOS.

Enhanced multitasking

The company has put the effort into improving the multitasking usability of the iPadOS. The new split-screen feature, slide over feature, the dock has been changed and the new home screen.

You can now lock widgets on the home screen and can add more apps to the grid section. The split screen view enables you to edit two documents like mail, notes etc from the same or different apps side by side. And the Slide Over feature lets you add multiple apps to the Slide Over menu and also enable you to switch between them by dragging. These apps are available in an Expose-like view.

Supports Plug-in USB Drives

You can now simply plug in a pen drive, SD card etc into the USB-C port of the iPad. Files app lets you access these storage devices and this feature is also included in iOS 13.

Desktop-like browsing experience

The Safari browser of the iPad has been redesigned to provide you complete desktop-like browsing experience and features. The new download manager has also been introduced.

The other features include new gestures, the new files app to preview files without opening them, new keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

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