iPhone X Face ID
iPhone X Face ID

Apple first introduced the Face ID biometric authentication system to iPhones. Then the company started using this feature on iPads. Face ID is an authentication system equipped with advanced technologies to accurately scan the map of your face.

Some rumors have previously spread and Apple was said to use Face ID support on more devices. While all this is a rumor, a new patent application confirms that this feature will come to MacBooks. Looking at the contents of the patent application and all terms used, it is suggested that the feature may come to laptops and subsequently to Macs.

Some brief information indicates that this Face ID on MacBooks will come with a notch design. However, this design is not what it looks on iPhones.

Apple wants the Face ID module to be “placed adjacent to the screen layer” or a section above the screen. However, while the patent text is sharply related to a laptop, a single drawing inside shows the Face ID notch design used in an iMac-style case.

Making a patent application is not proof that a product will be placed directly on the market. However, Apple is constantly exploring the ways of many different applications to bring them to life. In addition, it’s natural for Apple to develop new features, use them on other devices, and not expect Face ID to come to Mac when we look at the general roadmap.

Among the other information on the patent, six creators, four of whom were Paul X. Wang, Keith J. Hendren, Adam T. Garelli and Dinesh C. Mathew, share.

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