Apple Prime
Apple Prime

Apple Prime will be the next service of the house of the bitten apple where to have a single access to all Apple services: Here are all the details we know

What is it, how it works and how much will it cost Apple Prime

Apple aside from products sales is also one of the companies that base its revenue even from the sale of services.

Since there are many services on sale from Apple, Music, News, iCloud and others with costs for every single use of each service, Apple would have thought to channel all the subscriptions in one, this has brought the called Apple Prime.

Apple Prime in practice will be a single subscription with a unique cost, to access a series of very useful web services. For example, you can pay € 19.99 a month to access Music with unlimited music, 100GB of stored iCloud data and unlimited news viewing.

So Apple is working hard on that, as well as Amazon that conveys several services in a single subscription, and Apple could benefit further from the sale of numerous services in a single monthly renewal. Just think that Apple has recently bought Texture, which demonstrates how the sale of digital magazines is at the center of Apple’s plans.

What services Apple used and how much would you pay?

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