Apple’s state-of-the-art smartphone for 2017, iPhone X remains one of the best iOS devices at the moment. However, not everything is perfect and, like every other device, this device may also present some technical flaws.

Therefore we now see the American manufacturer to recognize that some units are presenting problems. More specifically on your touch screen, you are not registering the ringing in any units of this iOS device.

First, recognition was made through Apple’s official product support forum. There Cupertino technology mentions that one of the components used in the display of the iPhone X, in its display module, may be faulty.

These failures can be permanent or fleeting. That is, they may occur only on one instance or continuously on your Apple iPhone X. Therefore, some users were not able to use your iOS device. This is due to the impossibility of interacting with the touch.

iPhone X with screen problem recognizes Apple

Secondly, this failure was only detected on iPhone X, so other iOS devices do not show any errors. However, even if your iOS device fails, your smartphone is elected to have a free exchange at an official service point. In short, you can repair your Apple iPhone X for free without having to pay the costs of the process.

However, if your iPhone X shows a fault on your screen, the brand recommends that you look for an authorized center near you.


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