The new MacBook Air will have a Retina display similar to the MacBook Pro, which is smaller in size, but much more powerful than its predecessor.

As predicted, Apple has finally introduced the MacBook Air with the integrated Retina Display as the high-end product line is the MacBook Pro. Specifically, the MacBook Air 2018 will have a 13.3-inch screen, using a 17% smaller Retina display, 50% thinner bezel and 4x the resolution of the older generation.

This year’s Mac Air is also made from recycled aluminum to increase its hardware but still retains the slim profile of the product. The machine’s overall look weighs just 1.24kg and is only 15.6mm thin. It also removed all common ports and only 2 ports Thunder-bolt 3 with 3.5mm jack similar to the Pro 2017.

Although not equipped with touch bar but instead will be the Touch ID with fingerprint recognition to access the machine, buy apps on the Appstore. Along with that, the trackpad system supports Force Touch. The Apple T2 chip on the MacBook Pro 2018 will also be included.

On the hardware side, the MacBook Air 2018, the default version as well as the most popular will be equipped with powerful performance with the latest 8-core Core i5 chip clocked at 1.6GHz and can be increased. up to 3.6GHz. RAM capacity will be 8GB can be upgraded up to 16GB, internal memory 128GB SSD and up to 1.5TB.

It also features a Stereo sound system with higher volume, stronger bass and 3 microphones for recording.

Aside from the Touch ID, the MacBook Air 2018 is also equipped with a new generation butterfly keypad like the MacBook Pro 2018, which offers more dust-proof, longer lasting, and more powerful typing.

The official price of the MacBook Air will start at $ 1200, or about $ 27.9 million for the lowest-profile version. There will be more gold on the gray and silver sides.

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