apple iphone 2018 colors
apple iphone 2018 colors

India is the world’s largest mobile phone market behind China. There are over 1.1 billion mobile phone users in the country and far left America ranked third with approximately 330 million users. So Apple sees India as an attractive market for growing iPhone sales. But according to Bloomberg’s report, so far iPhone sales in India are disappointing and less than 1 million sold in the first half of 2018.

Due to this failure, some high-ranking executives at Apple India have resigned including chief sales and distribution division. In India, Apple is targeting sales of their middle-class devices such as the iPhone SE as it was made in India. This allows it to be sold at a cheaper price than the heavier taxed newer model.

Last year Apple only held 2% of the device sales market in India. This is behind the two superpowers of Samsung and Xiaomi. The less favorable sales in the world’s second-largest market would have disappointed Tim Cook, who predicted India would be like China, which is one of the world’s major iPhone markets. It seems in India, the people’s perspective that the iPhone is for those in the realm is true.

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