Apple last week introduced the latest versions of iOS, tvOS and watchOS, as well as the first HomePod software update for its consumers, which means that now the trial period for beta versions of their operating systems is now released for the developers of Apple!

The beta version of iOS 11.4 build 15F5037 that includes educational innovations, the long awaited Messaging integrated with iCloud, which was present in the tests of iOS 11.3 but was not released for some specific reason, besides the new protocol AirPlay 2 that allows to allow HomePod can work in multi-room mode.

The beta of watchOS 4.3.1 is also already available with code 15T5535b in conjunction with the new beta version of the build 15OS554c 11OS.

In addition Apple also took advantage to release the first test version of Xcode 9.4. It includes the most up-to-date beta versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS SDKs. The Xcode 9.4 build code is 9Q1004a.

What’s new about the versions of operating systems and their respective changes are expected to arrive in the coming weeks or even days, so keep an eye on TecHLecToR so you do not miss any upgrades!

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  1. Hope the iOS 11.4 betas will fixes bug and various enhancements, though new features are likely arriving as well.

  2. Always make sure you back up your iPhone or iPad before installing any system software, especially with beta releases.

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