Apple Watch 4 VS Apple Watch 3: Any Upgrade?

Apple Watch series 4 is the makeover of the Apple watch series 3. In this post, we will be comparing the Apple Watch 4 VS Apple Watch 3 features and design.

Apple Watch 4 VS Apple Watch 3
Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 4 VS Apple Watch Series 3: Design

The Apple Watch Series 4 has been upgraded and design to be one of the best durable watch available. The smartwatch comes with an OLED screen that is over 30 percent larger than previous Apple Watch models. Apple also claims that the watch is thinner and smaller despite the noticeable improvement.

It has been increased from the 38millimetres to 40millimetres in the smallest version and from 42millimetres to 44millimetres in other varieties in size. The lack of bezels on the watch 4 gives it an incredible design. The manufacturer also explains that the watch series 4 now has some tweaks that will allow it to function better than ever.

The series 4 speaker is 50 percent louder than the Series 3, meaning listening to Siri and making calls should be clearer. The microphone on the series 4 has also be shifted below Apple’s signature digital crown. It has a new S4 chip that powers it alongside 64-bit dual-core processor. Apple claims that this will perform twice faster than the watch 3 series and still retain the same battery reliability.

Apple Watch 4 VS Apple Watch 3: Features

The new Apple Watch 4 comes with exclusive features. It has an electrocardiogram (ECG) that is essentially a test to check heart rhythm and electrical activity. You can perform the test by placing your finger on the digital crown. This wearable is also capable of detecting falls and will alert authorities if it senses inactivity after 60 seconds of an accident happening.

It runs in the same operating system with the Watch 3 OS 5. One of the best features of the Watch Series 4 is the implementation of “Walkie-Talkie”. This software allows owners to speak to each other through their wrists. It also has Podcasts which allows users to control the playback of their favorite shows.

Apple Watch Series 4 VS Apple Watch Series 3: Price

The Apple Watch Series 3 is now available at a price of £279 for the 38millimetre casing and £309 for the larger 42millimetre. Though the watch is a year old, it’s still one of the best smartwatches out there with impressive features which not only bring notifications to your wrist but also keeps an eye on your health and even allows you pay for your weekly shop via Apple Pay.

The Apple series 4 is now available and the 40millimetre version of the hardware starts at £399 and the 44millimetre at £429. The Apple series 4 offers tons of functionality with few exclusive health features.

Our Verdict

If you are new to Apple Smartwatch or you don’t have enough cash to upgrade to the latest watch series 4, then the Apple Watch series 3 is your best bet.
The smartwatch has amazing features that will give you the treat of the new version and it will also save you $100. However, if you have been an Apple watch fan, and you have the money. The Apple Watch Series 4 is the best and it comes with exclusive features too.

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