apple watch series 3 release date
apple watch series 3 release date

The new Apple Watch Series 3 as expected comes with built-in LTE connectivity and a non-LTE version both with a new fancy processor. Following the success of the Apple Watch Series 2, Tim Cook announced that Apple is the watch maker in the world. Apple Watch Series 3 can be purchased for less than the Series 2 sold for which seems to have been removed from the lineup.

Unlike other LTE-enabled smart watches, the Apple Watch Series 3 includes a cellular connection with its built-in virtual sim which shares the same number with your current phone number. What this implies is that you can now make and receive calls, text, use Siri, stream from Apple Music and a whole lot of other packages which you would have needed your phone nearby for. With its new S3 dual core processor the Series 3 watch has 70% faster performance which is an upgrade to the Series 2 S2 processor.

With its new S3 dual core processor the Series 3 watch has 70% faster performance which is an upgrade to the Series 2 S2 processor. This means more efficiency for the Siri AI as it can now talk through the built-in speaker, relay information without having to look at the screen. A new W2 chip comes with 855 faster Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and 50% more power efficiency for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Although the Series 3 smart watch comes with the same battery as the Series 2, it has about 18 more hours due to its faster-processing speed. The new Apple Watch Series 3 watch comes with more luster to its appearance following the addition of new colours like Ceramic Gray and Blush Gold.

There is also the integration of the latest watchOS 4 running in the new Series 3 watch. This brings a whole lot of other cool new features to the mix such as Apple News, Siri watch face; Toy Story watch face, Apple Pay cash, person to Person payment, resting heart rate feature, better heart beat graphical representation and Music app automatic synchronisation with your playlists.

Also, there is the collaboration with the Nike sports brand and a new sports loop band for the Apple Watch Series 3  available in either platinum or black. Another addition to the Series 3 is a new coaching app from the stables of Nike’s fitness experts.

Another addition is the new barometric altimeter which interprets to more accurate elevation data for outdoors workout and tracking stairs climbed which is good news for cyclists, skiers, Mountain climbers and runners. A new Series 3 GPS model is also in the mix of the new feature in the Apple Series 3 watch.

The Series 3 watches come with a 165-foot water resistance and an OLED display with 1000 nits brightness. The Apple Series 3 maintain the same size with the Series 2 as the LTE and UMTS antenna embedded in the strap making it very uncomfortable.

However, there is also need to sign up your Apple watch Series 3 with a carrier. Carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon releasing their prices. All in all the Apple Series watch 3 is a nice improvement compared to the Series 2 and will make a good smart watch companion.

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