Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 4

The big day has arrived, the Apple event has already started and the first of its products to become reality is the Apple Watch Series 4. The Cupertino brand has already presented its new generation of smartwatches, the fourth so far. A generation marked by change, with a new design, and new functions.

Apple Watch Series 4: The new range of watches is now official

The key to this new model of the firm is that the screen is larger than other current models in the market. It is what will cause it to be different from many other watches on the market. Also at the specifications level, it 

meets more than the requirements.

Apple Watch Series 4: New design and new features

We find a new design for this Apple Watch Series 4. The design is committed to a larger screen, with very thin edges, so that we can see that the screen of the watch is used much more. Two sizes of this model will be launched, one 40 mm in diameter and the other 44 mm. In addition, a new processor is presented on the clock. It is 64-bit S4, which is twice as fast as the previous generation of the signature.

We also expect changes in the software on the clock, in principle to take advantage of this large screen with new areas that present. In this sense, we can see that the graphics on the clock become different, and we have the option of generating menus with applications in a rounded way.

As we have said, the Apple Watch Series 4 comes with new features, which will undoubtedly give many possibilities to users who are interested in a model of this generation. What’s new in this smartwatch?

New functions

The first, and possibly one of the most important, is the ability to detect if the user suffers a fall. In addition, it 

will differentiate if it is a blow, a fall or is a slip. In this way, you can indicate if the user has really had an accident. Thanks to this function you can contact an emergency contact. It will also detect if the user has some symptoms that are not normal, and will recommend going to the doctor.

Related to the above, the electrocardiogram is introduced in the Apple Watch Series 4. This function will be integrated with the phone. This makes the smartwatch of the Cupertino company the first to present a device that measures this aspect and is put on sale in bulk for consumers.

Users will be able to take a measurement at any time easily. All you are going to have to do is open the clock app and you can do it. New electrical sensors have been introduced in the watch, which are the ones that will allow measuring the pulsations of the heart. The new function has been announced as very useful to detect heart arrhythmias.

The battery life does not undergo changes, which remains 18 hours. So it gives a great freedom to users when using them, without having to worry about loading it constantly. Bluetooth has been updated, now becoming 5.0.

The most active users can dip this Apple Watch Series 4 underwater at all times. A better loudspeaker has also been introduced into it. They are more subtle changes, but they help improve the clock in general, which is what matters in this new generation.

Price and availability

As expected, we find several versions of the Apple Watch Series 4 available. In addition to the two sizes that we have mentioned, there will be different versions depending on some additional features. How are these versions different?

  • Model with LTE and another without LTE
  • A variant of Hermès and another of Nike +
  • Aluminum and stainless steel
  • Colors: Silver, gray, gold, pink gold (aluminum) and black and silver (stainless steel)

From September 21 it will be on sale. Although from this Friday, September 14 it will be possible to make reservations for it. Both versions of the watch, with or without LTE, will soon go on sale.

The version with LTE is priced at $ 499 (429 euros), while the version of Apple Watch Series 4 without LTE will cost $ 399 (342 euros). The LTE version can be obtained with operators such as Orange and Vodafone.

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