Apple rolled out a new watchOS 5.1 during its October 30 event. On the same day, several other Apple products were ushered in for fans to start enjoying new technologies. The new Apple watchOS 5.1 surely brings along a few new features that were not available in the watchOS 5 that was previously released. Since the watchOS 5.1 arrives alongside iOS 12.1, the smartwatch certainly qualifies to get support for 70 new emojis that were rolled out for other iPhone and iPad devices.

The new Smartwatch software will also be able to get the new Group FaceTime features that allows users to join group audio calls. For now, there’s no camera integrated with the new watchOS 5.1, which means there is a lack of video action for users of the smartwatch.

However, users will still be able to make audio calls on their watch but switch to video on the companion iPhone. This is called a stopgap feature.

Apple is trying to make sure some cool new full-screen color watch-faces are available in a number of styles and shade. With watchOS 5.1, users can also get a number of bug fixes and improvements, which Apple describes as follows in a statement:

This update includes improvements and bug fixes

Huawei available to sell 5G chips to Apple

Apple Watch Series 4 automatically contacts emergency services if you’re immobile for about a minute after you detect a hard fall. Also, the watch plays a message that informs the responder that the Apple Watch has detected a fall and shares your location co-ordinate whenever possible.

It also fixes issues that could cause an incomplete installation of the Walkie talkie app for some of the users.

You can resolve an issue where some previously warned Activity awards weren’t showing in the Awards tab of the Activity app for some of the users.

For a full look ate at all emojis that are available in the new watchOS 5.1 software updates, the user can check out this article for more information regarding the emojis.

Meanwhile, some of the new smartwatch users are finding it difficult to update to the new watchOS 5.1 so Apple has released a statement that it is pulling back the update as a precaution. If anyone is impacted, they can contact Applecare. For those who successfully updated theirs, no action is required.


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