iPad iOS 11
iPad iOS 11

The new trend in the smartphone and tablet market is being to eliminate the 3.5mm jack for headphones. This is something that a lot of phone brands are carrying out. Now, Apple also joins this trend and it seems that the next victims will be the iPad Pro, which will not have the headphone jack. At least this is what several media claim in the last hours.

Apple will eliminate the headphone jack in the iPad Pro

It is expected that this new line of devices will be presented in the month of September with the new iPhone of the American brand. And they promise to bring enough changes.

There will be no headphone jack on the iPad Pro

The reasons why these new iPad Pro are not going to make use of the headphone jack are unknown. While it is the trend in the market, to eliminate this feature on new devices, it was not expected that Apple would be added to these products. But, at the moment we do not have an official confirmation that it will be like that.

It seems that there will be two models of iPad Pro, one of 10.5 inches and the other a little larger, with a screen of 12.9 inches in size. It seems that in terms of size will be similar to other previous Apple models. No surprises in this regard.

The most likely thing is that in the coming weeks we will receive data about these new iPad from the American firm. Then we can know if they will finally have the headphone jack or not.

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