Apple Will Introduce Face ID On Mac With Additional Features


Apple started introducing its Face ID feature with the iPhone X. Now all the latest iPhones released after iPhone X also include this feature, even the iPads. We are getting to hear that Apple was recently granted a new patent which will now allow the company to include the Face ID feature on MAC devices. Originally, the Cupertino-based company applied for this patent in 2017.

According to the new patent, Apple can now provide its Face ID feature on MAC devices which will be more advanced than the one which is currently available on the iPhones and iPads. This patent has been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

About the new Face ID feature On MAC

The new Face ID will not only unlock the MAC device but also perform two additional functions.

Face ID on MAC devices will not allow it to sleep when the user is sitting right in front of it. The newly added functionalities will detect if the user is sitting in front of the device or not. After the detection, the device enters sleep mode if it finds that the user is away from the device and will also stop the device to enter sleep mode if it detects that user is sitting right in front of it. This feature will save the user from logging in again once the device enters the sleep mode.

The second feature will let the users to easily sign in to the laptop when the lid of the MAC is lifted or if a user is sitting in front of the device when it is in an unlocked condition. And this feature will also work even if the device is in sleep mode.

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