Moment of importance for Apple. Since the company will produce its first transparent housing. They will do it for the iPhone XR, which becomes the first phone of the company to have this honor. The announcement of this casing has been seen in some countries. Although for now there has been no official announcement by the Cupertino.

Apple will make a transparent case for the iPhone XR

What has already been filtered is the first photo with said casing, which is barely visible given that it is transparent. But we can make an idea about it.

A transparent case for iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is a phone that is launched to the market in several different colors. So it’s not uncommon for Apple to want to be able to promote these colors and make them visible. The best way to achieve this, in this case, is by using a transparent case for the device. About this casing itself, there is very little information for now.

In fact, we do not know the material or materials with which it was manufactured. Most likely it is plastic, but for now, nothing has been said about it. So we’ll have to wait for Apple to say more.

According to the press, this case for the iPhone XR would have a price of about 40 dollars, which would be about 35 euros to change. Although this price has not been confirmed for now. We hope to hear about its launch soon.


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