Apple has already released an update that corrects the failure that was in FaceTime. An update that most users have already received officially. Although there is still news about this matter. Some news that are positive again, in particular for the person who discovered the failure. It is about a teenager. The company will reward it.

Apple will reward the teenager who discovered the failure of FaceTime

That is why Grant Thompson, the 14-year-old who discovered the ruling, is going to be recognized by the American company, for his good work and his help in this matter.

Apple helps the teenager

It is not known at the moment how much money the teenager and his family have obtained. In addition, Apple has promised that they will also contribute to the education of the young person. Therefore, they will give an important gift, which has not been revealed what will be. They may be products of the brand, but for now, there is no data about it. The important thing in this sense is that the good work of the young man is recognized.

This failure in FaceTime has been one of the largest in recent times by the firm. So it has undoubtedly generated many headlines. The good part is that it has been corrected in a couple of weeks.

Undoubtedly, with the update that has been launched the firm hopes to put an end to this issue. So you should not experience more flaws in FaceTime. Apple apologized for the failure a few days ago, to affected consumers.


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