Gafas AR Portada
Gafas AR Portada

Tim Cook has insisted on numerous interviews of the importance of augmented reality (AR) looking to the future. The first step of the company in this regard was the arrival of ARKit to give developers various AR tools to make incredible applications such as for measurements with our camera or playing video games. As a result of this Apple is developing augmented reality glasses, something that is not a secret, and it seems that they could enter production later this year or early 2020 as revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo.

As we say, one of Apple’s most important technology gurus, Ming-Chi Kuo, has recently published a report stating that Apple will begin producing augmented reality glasses or headphones by the end of 2019 and will begin to mass-produce them from the second quarter of 2020 at the latest.

Apple’s AR glasses would arrive in 2020 according to Ming-Chi Kuo

As pointed out in this report the AR glasses will depend on the iPhone being a mirror of everything that is reproduced in this, so it will not have its own processing autonomy. That is, the information you want to transmit will be processed on our iPhone and the result will be sent via Bluetooth to our glasses, similar to what can happen with our Apple Watch although it is more independent.

If it is true that here we will have a quite severe problem since this kind of tasks will involve a large amount of battery in the iPhone and we already know that Apple’s phones do not enjoy a very good autonomy. In addition, the glasses should enjoy important technologies such as a good screen or depth sensors so that we do not have any kind of problem when using them as dizziness.

We hope that all these problems that may affect our health have been solved, although without a doubt we should locate this type of technology in our day to day and the way to use it and when. With this type of progress, Apple would be launching a device revolutionized and innovated, something we asked the company after the latest releases. What we hope is that they do like Steve Jobs: create a need and cover it with this device. Will Tim Cook be able to get this?

We must wait until 2020 to see this new product if all these deadlines are completed, although Tim Cook already announced that we would see incredible products so it could be that he referred to these glasses that would also include a headset like the Oculus.

Leave us in the comment box what do you think of this new information that Ming-Chi Kuo has thrown today.

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