Bionic A14 Processor
Bionic A14 Processor

Apple has long been using Intel Core processors on their Mac computers. Big news about Apple Processors came from the WWDC 2020 online event where Apple’s technologies were introduced. The A14 processor will be taking its first steps into the market with the new Macs.

Apple, after the big changes to iOS 14, we couldn’t see anything about the event’s most intriguing side, namely the next-generation flagship iPad and iPhone. Then the eyes shifted towards Apple’s new processor A14 under Apple Silicon. Since this processor will only be used on Macs and we do not think they will introduce another processor this year, it seems very distant to see a new iPhone this year. The iPhone 2020 seems to close the year with the iPhone SE 2020 model. Let’s see when the iPhone 12 and another mobile processor developed by Apple Silicon will be available.

Apple Silicon
Apple Silicon

While making a presentation at the conference, Tim Cook said that it is our strongest and fastest silicone technology processor for the A14 processor. If we want to go deeper into the chip of the processor: First of all, the A14 used by Apple will be the first ARM architecture processor. The GPU that the A14 contains will record 400 MHz and processor frequency of 3.1 GHz. In addition, Apple Silicon A14 is the first 5nm ARM processor that crosses the first 3.0 GHz limit.

New A14 Bioni Processor For Macs
New A14 Bioni Processor For Macs

Apple has always been a company that loves innovations. They want their Mac computers to be the most innovative computer for them. On the processor side, they have left 3 generations behind. First, IBM’s PowerPC processor was used, then Mac OS X was switched to Intel when they couldn’t get the desired efficiency there. They have recently developed Apple Silicon, both in terms of cost and performance, because of the problems users have with Intel and developed the first ARM processors, the A14.

Mac users are one step closer to Windows with an A14 processor

For more than a decade, Apple has been continuing to produce processors, chips for iPhone, along with Apple Silicon. They will now enjoy this experience with A14 on Mac. 

Microsoft and Adobe applications are optimized for the new generation Macs and are compatible. In addition, applications developed on the platform xCode developed by Apple for software developers will work with all Apple Silicon processors. You also won’t need to port for another chip. With the A14, faster CPU power, more processing, faster disk speeds, new generation LTE modem technologies have been added.

An official release date for Apple Silicon A14 with the next-generation Macs has not yet been released by Apple. Our estimation to be announced at such a date may indicate the last months of 2020.

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