iMac 2018: Images: EpertReviews

Apple officials are saying that an event is close at hand. In a few days, we are hoping to see a new iMac as device filings have shown new models coming on the horizon. If you have been looking forward to the release of the new device, the time is here.

When Will the New iMac Be Released?

According to latest reports, existence of two new iMac desktop models is revealed by a device registration filing from the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). This is the body that regulates marketing of electronic products in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. The body is able to disclose Apple before it is finally revealed.

Two models are on the way, as reports by a French portal stated that the models A2115 and A2116 were registered with the EEC. This means that the release may not be far off. The good guess is that Apple’s 30th October event in New York will be the big day which will usher in the new iMac. Several commentators are also pointing to that date as the moment we will welcome the new Apple iMac.

What Will the New iMac Cost?

It is hard to tell now. However, leaks and rumors stating that this is a new design could raise the price of the device. Back in 2017, a Reddit post mentioned something of a kind of device design update, and that there will be additional glass a darker body. Certainly, that could mean that specifications and features may receive boosts too. Therefore, a hike in the price of the new iMac will be justified by these improvements.

That will not be a surprise, for the Apple’s 2016 redesigns of the MacBook pro brought about a hike in the price of that device. Two years later, and we all know that Apple is due for another makeover. So, no one will really complain if after Apple have done good on the iMac this time, the price is set somehow higher.

Sophisticated designs, sleek appearance, upgrades in the performance and other specifications are expected in the new iMac 2018. However, there is a heightened anticipation of what the product will really look like and how it will satisfy the needs of users.


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