Are you tired and distracted? Your smartphone is responsible for your troubles

If we go to bed tired and in the morning we feel we are not very concentrated in the study or in the workplace, we now know that those half hours spent looking at Facebook on our smartphone are responsible.

If used before going to sleep, a study states that the smartphone worsens the quality of sleep. Mobile devices can cause addiction and literature dedicated to cases in which the phone ends up having a higher priority than fundamental aspects of life, such as the relationship of a couple, work, sleep, attention to children, begins to take shape.

Are you tired and distracted? The smartphone in bed is to be avoided

The study was published by researchers at the Queensland University of Technology, describing smartphone addiction as "technoference". A phenomenon that affects large sections of the US population, analyzed through questionnaires administered to a sample.

It turns out that almost 20% of women and 1 eighth of the male population spend awake hours of sleep at the smartphone while in bed. As a result, the same users claim that their productivity has decreased due to lost hours of sleep, and more than half of 18- to 25-year-olds say they would prefer to stay on their smartphone rather than face important issues.

After all, we already knew: it is very easy to become an instrument on our own smartphone, to the point of sacrificing fundamental parts of our lives to stay five more minutes on Facebook. One of the most avant-garde institutes in the fight against addictions to the Internet is hosted at the Policlinico Gemelli in Rome, but it is equally right that a chat with a friend is invaluable compared to a social network.

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