5g connectivity
5g connectivity

Samsung and Huawei are among the top flagship phone manufacturers that are rescuing fans from the difficulty of buying pricey smartphones just to enjoy premium features. These smartphone manufacturers are even ready to push Apple, a company known for producing very expensive phones for premium features, even further back as the smartphone battle continues.

Gone are the days when we have to pay so highly to get a good gaming smartphone or get a good camera phone. These days, one can get phones like these at the rate of $200 or less. Think of a smartphone like this giving an iPhone a stiff competition. Knowing this, many fans are falling out of love with expensive flagship smartphones. But we are getting ready for another shock: 5G Android phones are coming to the rescue.

Smartphone Sales Drop

As the reports are having it, smartphone sales are dropping. Further, as the year goes on to the end, there is the feeling that high-end phones sales will continue to decline as buyers look for cheaper phones that possess premium features to an extent. As it is seen, global sales of smartphones have dwindled 17 percent in the second quarter of 2019. The trend will continue, hopefully, into 2020.

The good news is that premium features are found now more than ever in budget-friendly smartphones. Fingerprint sensors, powerful cameras, ample storage, and powerful batteries are now features that are often seen in cheap phones. At one time, most of these features were only reserved for expensive smartphones.

During this period, sales of iPhones has dipped more, pushing the once #2 smartphone seller to #3 on the list of best selling smartphone companies in the world. The company had 13.8 percent lesser sales than what it had in 2018.

What’s Changing?

Imagine having such features such as multi-lens cameras for budget-friendly mobile devices. Also consider bezel-less displays, high resolution pixels also for the display; large batteries which could be as powerful as 5000 mAh found in phones that are just a little higher than $100.

With new flagship Android and iOS smartphones coming in October 2019, Samsung, Huawei, and iPhone will still remain intact but with new tech coming on flagships that are not yet found in cheap phones, it is hard to imagine what yet will change. Will people purchase more flagships because of these premium features? It is hard to tell.

The 5G Factor

The world is now ready for 5G and some cities are all ready for some people who want to make use of 5G smartphones now. The available 5G smartphones are selling from above $2,000 and many of us can’t afford that yet. On the other hand, information reaching us claims that in the long run, 5G will become present in cheaper phones that can adjust through chipsets. In essence, we expect that the cost of 5G capable devices will drop in 2020. Since that’s the case, some of us will be contented with the present smartphone we are using while we keep a tab on the 5G phenomenon and how it will benefit us. It is hoped that smartphone sales will rise at that point again because most people are too impatient with slow connections.

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