iphone 2018 mockup 1
iphone 2018 mockup 1

The 21st Century Business Herald Chinese website today talked about a detail of the upcoming iPhone 2018 guilty neglected in recent weeks. Taken by the desire to know aesthetic details of the future iPhone, we have not deepened the speech Dual SIM, the center of attention of fans until a few months ago.

Well, the Chinese speak of a presence of Apple SIM supplied for at least one of the next iPhone. Which, as we will see, could be the 6.1-inch one (to be clear, the cheapest with LCD display instead of the OLED). More specifically, support for Dual SIM technology would therefore not be traditional (the trolley with two slots will not be there) but would involve a “physical” and a virtual card.

Apple SIM, on the other hand, was launched in 2014 as a physical SIM, but was soon “converted”. On the other hand, the Dual SIM support experiment has already been carried out on the latest generation iPad Pro. And it will be just that model of the next iPhone.

Many will remember that two physical slots were being discussed at the beginning of the year when candidates for this feature were the 6.5 and 6.1-inch models. In reality, Apple has already begun to make agreements with the telephone operators of the various countries, thus ending up providing the possibility of activating tariff plans only by setting the parameters at the software level.

Eye, however: another very reliable leaker when it comes to Apple, the omnipresent Ming-Chi Kuo, long ago had predicted the arrival of two versions of the 6.1-inch iPhone (here is the reference to which we mentioned earlier), one with Dual SIM Dual Standby technology.

Well, one of these two versions will then have the trolley with two slots and will be reserved for the Chinese market, where Apple SIM has never been officially launched. The other version to which Kuo referred (which is never really wrong…) should instead be simply the international one of the iPhone in question.

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