Atari Joystick: DigitalSpy Image

A tech company known as Atari has just granted millions of people’s wishes by introducing a portable Handheld Gaming device. This gaming device is manufactured to simplify everything about gaming.

Meanwhile, the new handheld controller packs in dozens of games like Asteroids, Black Jack, Bowling, Breakout, Canyon Bomber, casino, Centipede, Circus Atari, Demons to Diamonds, Desert falcon, and many more.

Little wonder, for Atari has been in the gaming industry for as long as many of us know. So, it is no surprise that in a world where gameplay mechanism and timing were complicated, where 8-bit graphics architecture was all-great, Atari reigned supreme and is still doing well today. This brings along an envious innovation.

Imagine putting a device which can thrill you to Asteroids game inside your trousers pocket! That’s what the team  has made possible. Now, the Atari Retro Handheld packs every great stuff about Atari 2600 into a condensed, portable unit that you can hold in your hand because it is simply a 2.4 inches color screen device.

The team didn’t depart from everything former. There is still the wood veneer effect of the original console, plus 50 classic games built inside. There are also super responsive buttons and a stylish analogue control stick that makes playing the games a breeze. In addition, it features A/V output for playing on a large screen.

So play with it, it’s your world. This is made possible because sometimes, each one of us may clamor for a change. So, if portable gaming doesn’t seem like something you need all the time, you could adjust and even see it on your TV.

Wondering where to get it? The Retro Handheld is available now in many online stores such as Amazon, Zavvi, or IWOOT. Price starts from about $24 USD.

Head of Design and Development at Atari clarified why the team let a remnant of Atari 2600 live. According to him, the iconic look and feel of the Atari 2600 is a huge part of the nostalgia that fans feel towards the Atari 2600 console.

They would love to ensure that the effort and time given to the new handheld gaming device remained faithful to the brand.


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