Apple iPhone XS Max iOS reuters
Apple iPhone XS Max iOS reuters

Augmented reality on iPhone X is rapidly catching up. Despite this technology is still under development on Apple devices, the Cupertino colossus has never hidden to point with a certain insistence on it.

To demonstrate this, the App Store has seen a considerable increase in software that exploits this technology to offer customers experiences that until recently were pure science fiction.

Augmented reality on iPhone X? Try these apps!

Among the many apps offered by the store, we decided to revive some that fit perfectly to iPhone X, the latest in the now huge family of the iPhone. Although in the past we had already talked about augmented reality apps on Android or iOS, in this article we will focus on what has most recently appeared for iOS and, more specifically, for iPhone X.

Civilization AR

Made in collaboration with the BBC, Civilizations AR is an app that offers a fantastic way to “bring” massive historic artifacts into your living room.

Using this app, you can project over 30 treasures such as Corinthian helmets, sculptures, and even an Egyptian mummy on your screen and then re-propose them as if they were actually in your home thanks to augmented reality. Very recommended for history buffs. If you can not see the real things, then this is your next best bet.


Thyngs uses ARKit to allow users to place 3D animated models in their real world. This is a fairly simple way to explore AR technology, but it can still be a lot of fun. It is very easy to create fantastic scenes and images, to be saved and used as real memes.


What is ARise? With this app, we are faced with a real three-dimensional puzzle. To allow our alter ego to move through the schemes, it is necessary to modify the surrounding territory which, as is easily understood, is entirely realized in 3D.

It is an interesting and stimulating game, as it allows you to play with the prospect in order to complete the enigmas proposed and progress towards other increasingly complex hands.

Stack AR

Let’s stay on the videogame theme by proposing Stack AR, an app that closely resembles the Jenga game. This is a free app whose goal is to create a building with bricks making it as high as possible without making it collapse. The bricks to be used have different geometric shapes, which greatly increases the fun of the participants.


PLNAR measures objects in the real world through its work with the AR camera. You can not expect accurate measurements as you could do manually, but this app does its job anyway with a fair amount of precision. You can use PLNAR to create three-dimensional room models, measure hard-to-reach areas, and then save them in memory.

It also works in all three dimensions, unlike the horizontal limitation of other apps like this such as TapMeasure.


Like PLNAR, TapMeasure is an app that leverages augmented reality on iPhone X for measurements. Sometimes it can be more precise than PLNAR, so it’s worth trying both to see which one you prefer.

Paint Space AR

With Paint Space AR you can create 3D paintings. Once you have created your creation, you can observe it from different vantage points by walking around the room and observing everything at 360 degrees.

There are different types of tools and brushes to create always new and original creations.

World Brush

Another app focused on 3D painting that uses AR technology. Compared to Paint Space AR, World Brush also uses geolocation, an option that allows you to save your creation and to share it (anonymously) with other users.

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