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Donald Trump continues to tighten his grip on Huawei! After all, the North American department of commerce decided to introduce new restrictions last Monday. This at the same time that it updated some rules already applied to the Chinese giant.

And no, we are not talking about renewing the restrictions made in May, when the ‘Ban’ to Huawei turned 1. We are really talking about new rules. Which in turn brings even more complications to the table of the Chinese manufacturer… Especially for those who have a company smartphone with access to Google services.

The restrictions on Huawei are now much heavier!

So, as you may know, the restrictions on Huawei have become even more complicated in recent months. Especially when Donald Trump’s administration banned the business relationship with TSMC! One of the most important partners of the current largest smartphone manufacturer on the market. As she is responsible for the production of the SoC Kirin, which this year should make the leap to 5nm.

However, if it thought this was already disastrous, it got even more complicated for Huawei last Monday.

The North American trade department added 38 more Huawei affiliates to the renowned ‘Entity List’, coming from 21 countries. In addition, management has also modified four existing entries. That is, in total, we already have 152 Huawei affiliates on the economic blacklist, where Huawei itself was the first name to be added in May 2019.

Why new names on the list?

According to the North American Government, these are companies that could have ‘Pre-Huawei’ acts. What is clear, puts the interests and policies of the United States at risk.

Google Mobile Services will disappear from all Huawei smartphones! (New or old)

As you may know, despite the ‘ban’, all Huawei smartphones launched before May 2019 continued to enjoy all the benefits of connecting with Google. Something only possible due to a TGB (Temporary General License) license. A license that in the meantime has even been renewed a few times by the department of commerce. But that, unfortunately, seems to have an end in sight.

In other words, it is possible (and quite likely) that all Huawei smartphones will be without access to Google services in the very near future.

In short, the United States’ attack on Huawei is to continue, getting more and more aggressive with each passing month.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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