Gold subscribers on Xbox One Should be happy at what is coming at them this November. This month, Games With Gold Promotion, a tool that Microsoft often uses to reward gamers. On Xbox 360, Games With Gold Promotion has been made permanent. However, not so for Xbox One, though things may take a turn for the better.

Now Battlefield 1 and Assassin’s Creed are both available for premium subscribers on Xbox One. Maybe the promotion will be expanded, but we don’t have the facts yet.

Battlefield 1 is a two-year-old game which has been thrilling players. It is a massive AAA Xbox One video game title that was created in October 2016 and it broke barriers by becoming a darling of game players worldwide. Some of its praiseworthy assets are the gameplay, the epic moments, its stunning visuals.

To do justice to the game, you have to be able to do the following:

You have to experience the dawn of an all-out war that is peculiar to Battlefield 1 and fight your way through epic battles. These battles range from tight and difficult combats in besieged French city or the heavily defended fort in the Italian Alps, or make your way through hot and sunny combats in the desert of Arabia.

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You will also be required to wage war through an adventure-filled campaign or join in epic multiplayer battles that may include up to 64 players. You will also be able to adapt your tactics to cope with the destruction and the strange and unfriendly weather.

You can fight as infantry, lead horse charges or take control of vehicles on land, air, and sea. There will also be other challenges from tanks, bi-planes, and Behemoths.

Assassin’s Creed on its part is the original video game of the Xbox 360. Now you can have it on Xbox One consoles. This addition came into being a few months ago. It is simply about you being a Master Assassin and you’re sent to kill corrupted leaders profiting from Third Crusade war. As you carry out your mission, you find yourself entangled in a worldwide web of threats…

How like are you going to play Battlefield 1 or Assassin’s Creed? Let us know in the comment box below.


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