battlefield 5 battle royale mode
battlefield 5 battle royale mode

The highly anticipated Battlefield 5 Battle Royale mode was released at the end of the trailer. At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary Battle Royale, but the details of the game are quite interesting.

A new trailer for the long-running Firestorm mode has emerged. The trailer is especially noteworthy in terms of vehicle diversity and tasks. At the same time, the fragile environment is also among the prominent details.

As you know, the Firestorm map is of great importance as it is the largest Battlefield map ever. One of the most important things that is needed in this large area is the vehicle. Battle Royale Mode is developed to meet this need. The game is also known to be a wide variety of vehicles from tank to tractor.

When will Battlefield 5 Battle Royale mode open?

For Battlefield 5 Battle Royale mode, eyes are translated to 25 March. With the trailer released the excited excitement is currently waiting for the opening of the mode. It is thought that the throne of other Battle Royale games can be shaken together with this mode.


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