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The original Battleheart came to the market in 2011 and gave players a reason to keep playing and coming back for more. The original which was a light RPG was a blend of action and strategy that kept gamers playing and playing. The game was handy especially when you want to escape boredom or want to just have some fun. After the original, Battleheart Legacy which was very different from the first came. There’s something the original brings on that you may want to experience and now, we have Battleheart 2. Battleheart 2 is an expanded version of the original with additional features and it is optimized for modern hardware. Though it’s built on the original game, there are some changes and improvements you’ll find in Battleheart 2. If you’ve had your hands on the original Battleheart, you can have an idea of what Battleheart 2 brings to the table.

Battleheart 2 is an RPG but with a different style of gameplay that’s not typical of most RPGs. There’s a world map that will show each time you’re done with a battle or open your game save the file. The map shows several battles, with information like level and rewards. You are to pick up to four characters out of the 12 available for your team. You can pick any character you want, and as you know, this is not how most RPGs work.

Each character has their specialized abilities such as tanking, damage, or healing. Their spells and abilities are unique to them, and to get stronger ones, you’ll have to use your skill points to purchase them. Each battle have you contending with several groups of enemies. Once one group is defeated by you, here comes another within a few seconds. You fight by using your fingers to make direct movements and select targets. Fighting is done in real-time too.

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Battleheart 2

The game now features a better combat system and controls. You have at your disposal many playable characters that you can choose to use in battle. Stats are more explicit and are better explained with details such as deflection, skill haste, skill power, etc. which will excite hardcore gamers when they look at the figures. There are changes made to the inventory system which gives you the ability to upgrade weapons unlike before when you’d have to get rare weapons by duking it out where it is located. We’d have preferred that the interface is better streamlined than the way it is so that navigation is easier.

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Battleheart 2

Coming to mechanics, there is a missing connection between Battleheart 2 and the original in this area. What made the original interesting in terms of mechanics isn’t present in Battleheart 2. The excitement of thrill and progression is left out. In Battleheart 2, there are only 3 active skills and some other passive skills that are unlockable by your skill points. Previously, to get to a level that will allow you to get new active and passive skills unlocked, you’ll have to undergo so much pain and challenging levels. There is no skill tree type set up in this one anymore. The skill tree type set up is what gives you tough choices between which skills to have and which ones to forfeit.

Battleheart 2
Battleheart 2

It’s very exciting to have a true sequel to the original Battleheart, unlike Battleheart: Legacy which left fans disappointed. With the ability to choose any character you want, you can make your own decisions based on which character have abilities that will suit your style of battle. It’s a game that you should try out and enjoy.

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