samsung wireless charger
samsung wireless charger

Wireless charging is becoming very popular and widely used, and it has become even more advanced than it used to be. To get a full understanding of what wireless charging is all about, read all you need to know about wireless charging and how to identify your smartphone supports wireless charging.

As a beginner, getting the right wireless charger for your device can turn out to be very difficult. To solve this, we have highlighted tips on things you should look out for before purchasing a wireless charger.

  • Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is a very important aspect to look out for when buying a wireless charger. You want to make sure that it is from a reputable company in the wireless charger ecosystem. Examples are Samsung, Mophie, RavPower, Anker. If for any reason you choose to buy from an unknown or not so familiar brand, make sure you read a lot of review from other buyers before you purchase it.

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  • Know your device Support standard

QI and Powermat are the two majorly known charging standards. Although, the companies that make these charging standards have now merged together, there are still wireless chargers in stores that support just a single charging standard (Qi or Powermat).

So, it is very important to check your smartphone’s support standard before buying a wireless charger. You make sure the wireless charger you intend to purchase supports the wireless charging standard of your device. The QI standard is the most used among top OEMs.

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  • Charging Speed

Even though there has been a massive improvement as to the charging speed of wireless chargers, it is still nowhere near wire or cable charging.

While some phones can charge at a maximum speed of 15W, some charge at 10W, 9W, 7.5W 5W. Irrespective of the maximum charging speed of your device, you should ensure that the wireless charger you intend to purchase supports equal or higher wattage. Using wireless chargers with a maximum charge wattage lower than your device means your device won’t charge to the best of its ability.

  • Cable type

When buying a wireless charger, we recommend that you go for brands with standard connectors like the USB-C and Micro-USB, as they are straightforward to replace when it gets damaged or misplaced.

  • Look out for its construction: Shape, Size, Style

Just the way smartphone and computers come in different Shapes, design, size, and style, same can be said for wireless chargers.

You should take the style and placement of your device during charging into consideration. If you’re the type that likes to use your device during charging, an angled wireless charger is the best. A flat wireless charger is your best bet if you’re not likely to use your device while charging. Also, there are convertible wireless chargers that can lay horizontally or vertically in an angled position.

If you have just one device that supports wireless charging, it is best to use a charger with a small pad. On the other hand, if you are charging multiple devices, you should buy a charging mat with a large surface.

You should look out for design, while some charging pads are made of fabric, others are made of glass, some leather, others plastic, etc.

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