bq 5011g fox view 8gb 1gb ram price
bq 5011g fox view 8gb 1gb ram price

BQ plans to release up to 20 mobile devices in 2019. Some of the releases will come as smartphones, and others will be tablets. Already, the company has started embracing the all-new Android Pie in some of the phone released this year. As we take on the second part of 2019, We hope the company will drop more smartphones in this category. So, taking a look at what the company has done so far, we see impressive mid-range smartphones that some people would love to own. BQ, like other smartphone manufacturers, try to put more efforts into infusing many excellent features in one cheap mobile phone. But that is not our concern as we look into this review of four best lightweight phones the company has made available in 2019.

BQ-4001G Cool

This BQ-4001G Cool is an excellent smartphone. I first noticed that apart from being very lightweight at 120 grams, it comes with a poor RAM delivery of 512MB. What! The phone itself is small in size, as some teenagers with big hands would reject it if you send it to them as a gift. So, the size or frame and the components, such as the battery, makes this phone lightweight. However, the fact that the smartphone manages to come with Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition means that it will give seamless operation to the user. It sells for approximately $60.

BQ-5004G Fox

Sure enough, this BQ-5004G Fox does a little better in features than the Cool version. The weight of this phone is 126 grams and it is slightly larger at 4.95 inches display screen. It is Android 4G smartphone and comes as Android 8.1 Oreo which guarantees fast performance and multi-tasking for the user. The price of this smartphone is $59.58 and it comes with 1GB of RAM.

BQ-5011G Fox View

I quickly noticed that this BQ-5011G Fox View is having Spreadtrum chipset at the performance department. The phone is also classed as a lightweight among BQ smartphones because it is 130 grams. It is fortified with Android 8.1 Oreo but the display size is 4.95 inches and also having storage at 1GB of RAM. It sells for $65 and impressively comes with a fingerprint sensor. However, many people wonder about this phone, for it is a 3G Android phone.

BQ-5528L Strike Forward

BQ-5528L Strike Forward comes out fresh as an Android 9.0 Pie mobile device. It is the embodiment of mid-range features, found at the battery level, and it comes with a unique Unisoc chipset. It carries so much inside of it that it arrives at 148 grams. The storage is good at 2GB of RAM and it sells for a price that can’t be specified right now. It is a fairly big enough phone and the display is 5.45 inches, which means the user can enjoy viewing movies, playing songs, and playing video games on it.


All these phones are good lightweight phones. If you care about space in the memory, please avoid BQ-4001G Cool. Take note that none of them are more than 150 grams. Only one of them has the capacity for Android Pie. Granted, BQ will hopefully release more Android Pie phones in the near future. But for now, those who really are looking light-weight phones can consider these products above. One thing you can be assured of is that the network connectivity performances in BQ phones are strong.

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