Best 5 Android File Manager App for Android Phones & Tablets

While iOS blocks users from accessing the system file, Android grants access to the file system. Most Android manufacturers, add a file manager to their devices as it ships but these file managers are not sophisticated to perform more advanced file functions. With third-party file managers, you can do a lot of file managing while having the best user experience. File managers allow you to copy, edit, delete, move, rename, and save files to maintain an organized device.

5 Best Android File Managers

  1. X-plore File Manager

With X-plore file manager having a unique interface, you can manage two windows at the same time, thanks to its dual-pane file explorer. This makes copying and pasting files from folders easily accessible. Additionally, features like cloud storage, app manager, pdf viewer, network storage, root support, video player, zip unpacker and much more all come with the file manager.


  1. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid explorer stands out from the rest with its excellent design and powerful features. It is loaded with useful features but still simple to use. Solid Explorer is basically a file browser which looks through your device local storage and manages items there. It allows you to cut, copy and paste files; move files in or out of folders; rename files and folders; and search throughout your device. Furthermore, you can do sharing of files directly from your browser to other apps on your phone.

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  1. ASUS File Manager

ASUS File Manager is an interesting file manager by an OEM. It is compatible with most devices even if they are not ASUS devices. It has a clean and simple interface with support for LAN and SMB, cloud storage, various types of files, archives, and more. It is free to use with no in-app purchases and gives a wonderful experience for such a simple file browser.


  1. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a popular file manager among android users. It allows you to share data by connecting to local networks.

You can transfer between two devices by setting up a secure connection. With ES file explorer, you can create new folders on your SD card or internal storage, move files, organize folders and make some other changes to your file system.


  1. Total Commander

Total commander is equipped with all necessary features that can make managing files easy for users. It features a dark interface which makes moving files quite easily manageable. The app also gives you advanced control over your folders and you can change permissions. You can manage files easily with the two-panel mode. Rooted users can also use File Commander to gain access to the restricted file system.

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