android auto 002
android auto 002

Today we will see what are the best alternative apps to Android Auto to try immediately. Driving a car has always been a pleasure for men, both for traveling and for spending time, and for reaching some places near or far, more quickly and easily. In recent years, in particular, the technology of four-wheeled vehicles has had great technological improvements, in fact many of the latest generation cars are not only equipped with smart controls and large touchscreen displays on the dashboard but are also integrated with the features that allow the vehicle to connect to a mobile device such as an Android smartphone to make driving even easier and more enjoyable for drivers.

Among the features that allow you to connect the vehicle to a smartphone we have Google Auto Android and if you have a device with Lollipop operating system or higher version and the car is equipped with smart features, you can take full advantage of the Android Auto service by making the driving even safer and more fun. Initially, until a few years ago this was just science fiction, having a smartphone capable of interacting with the car, but now this is possible, thanks to the giant steps that technology makes every day.

But why use Android Auto with your vehicle? The main reason that Google has created its Android Auto service is the fact that it has made browsing easier and much safer. The Android Auto native app is equipped with large icons and the large, well-displayed selection and viewing elements, which don’t need to have to force the view to understand what’s on the screen while driving. It has an integrated voice assistant that can listen and talk and all this together, while driving, makes the music and navigation control safer for the driver and for the passengers inside the car. While the soul of the Android Auto project was to make driving safer, over the years many services have grown and several developers now offer their own version of Android to use with the car with their apps to which you can connect services like the Google Assistant, Spotify or Google Maps and all of these are equipped with sophisticated controls to make it easier for the driver to use.

Android Auto has been around for some time now and Google has sent great updates to its native service. If you have been an Android Auto user in the past, then you will have realized how comfortable it is while driving the car, however, sometimes we believe that Google’s Android Auto application may be a bit dull and even if it was not so for everyone, having more options than we can find in other apps of the same kind is always a good thing. If you are interested in choosing the best service for you, below is a list of some of the best alternatives to Android Auto.

The best alternative apps to Android Auto: Drivemode

The first alternative app to Android Auto is Drivemode and does not boast many features, but it still differs for an interface that other apps of the same kind on this list do not have. Probably Drivemode is not the richest in menus and services, but what it does it does very well. Drivemode has a clean user interface and shows large colored buttons so that they can be seen and pressed easily and accurately while driving. The app also integrates a powerful voice assistant that helps you drive without ever having to take your eyes off the road, which is great for a driving app. When you switch to navigation or music controls instead, the app manages to do so without having to interrupt the other services. Finally, Drivemode allows you to share your live position with the touch of a button.

The best alternative apps to Android Auto: Waze

Waze is an app that has been around for a long time and is now probably the best alternative to Google Maps and even Android Auto. What makes Waze an excellent application, in addition to its precision, is the ability to use simplified commands and powerful navigation features, making the app in some ways decidedly superior to Google Maps. With Waze, it is possible to be warned when you are passing through a toll zone or if there are checkpoints in the road we are traveling. If desired, Waze also allows activation of the speedometer and fuel service stations from the app settings. Waze can also find the best routes to reach in real time, avoiding the roads with the most traffic. Waze allows you to integrate Spotify to make driving even more enjoyable and has many other useful features.

The best alternative apps to Android Auto: Car Dashdroid – Car Dashboard

Car Dashdroid probably could become your alternative app to Android Auto favorite if you like customization to the fullest. With this application in hand, you can create blocks and arrange them in any order as you wish. For example, you can have the music control at the top, the navigation block in the middle and a list of the most contacted people at the bottom of the screen. Customization does not end here as you can also select themes from the settings. With Car Dashdroid, you can create your own interface, with all the controls you need ready to be typed easily with your fingertips. What so much like Car Dashdroid it is the possibility to be able to create blocks with customized actions and to be able to go in depth with the configuration, an app recommended for lovers of the genre.

The best alternative apps to Android Auto: HERE WeGo – GPS, Metro & Bus

Another excellent alternative app to Android Auto is HERE WeGo – GPS, Metro & Bus and is recommended in particular for those who use two wheels and those who use public transport a lot. Although you can definitely use HERE WeGo – GPS, Metro & Bus even in a car, the app has features that extend and satisfy even those who drive a motorcycle as their main vehicle. The app has a powerful map to move around and has an offline map access function that allows you to download the route to your favorite destination in advance so as not to waste internet connection data during the journey. HERE WeGo – GPS, Metro & Busit is very clean and from the user interface allows access to the various functions easily while driving. The advanced navigation mode warns the user of any road construction, hills or slopes, police checkpoints and overall is an excellent app recommended for those people who want to have a powerful GPS navigator while driving. Like all the other apps on this list, even HERE WeGo – GPS, Metro & Bus has a small voice assistant who speaks and guides you to your destination. Finally, the app boasts of covering entirely over 1300 cities, inside and outside public transport areas.

These are the best alternative apps to Android Auto. If you want to try a valid alternative to the service offered by Google, you now have several choices. All you have to do is try them and decide which one is best for you to use.

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