Guide to Christmas gifts in 2018: the selection of the best books, comics, and manga to give to Christmas 2018 to children, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and relatives!

The arrival of Christmas creates always brings up the problem of gifts, our idea is to help you find the right gift for nerds and geeks, relatives, family and even for engaged couples, girlfriends and children. In recent days I have recommended you the best smartphones and the best movies and TV series to give away at Christmas, today I’ll talk about comics, manga, and books that could be perfect for a nice present to be found under the tree.

During the winter we spend more time at home and at this time technology takes over, so it may be a good idea to give a book or a comic book to a friend, brother or son.

In these years I spent a lot of time lagging and finding books and comics that fit my taste, today I offer you my selection of great classics, best sellers, titles for nerds and geeks and comics to give away for Christmas 2018!

In this article we talk about:

Classic books and best sellers to give away for Christmas 2018

With the great classics and the best seller you are never wrong, for this reason, we have selected for you some of the great literary successes of the last years. These are the books that I recommend to give for Christmas this year:

Books for nerds, geeks and gamers to give away for Christmas 2018

If the person to whom you have to make the Christmas gift is a technology enthusiast or the definite geek or nerd you can think of giving him a book different than usual and buy as a gift a science fiction book, technology, computer science or dedicated to video games. I selected some of my favorite titles:

Best manga and comics to give away at Christmas 2018

If you do not want to opt for the usual book you can give a comic for Christmas . Manga and comics are much loved and can be the perfect Christmas gift for those who love these books. I selected the best comics to give away at Christmas and I also added some manga:

Hope you enjoy your Xmas!

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